Priorities straight

Last year, Greg and I became a bit obsessed with “Top Gear,” a British program about really expensive cars. Greg has never had much interest in cars, or maybe I should say he’s had no interest in cars. When I married him, his only transportation was a $10 bicycle he had bought at a university sale. I don’t think he could tell a Toyota Corolla from a Mercedes McLaren.

But that has changed. On our way to brunch today, we passed an Audi R8, which is a beautiful sports car that costs over six figures. I think Greg drooled a little bit, but maybe he was just hungry.

“Someday,” I said. Which is to say, someday when we’re old we’ll blow the inheritance on one of those. “But I don’t know that I could buy one,” I said. “Just think of how many poor people you could help with that kind of money.”

“But think of how many people at Audi you could help by buying one of those,” Greg said.

Yes, let us not neglect the poor German engineers.

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