Apple cranberry pie

We had a fairly simple meal for Christmas, but we finished it off with a towering apple cranberry pie. This is one of the most wonderfully rustic looking things I’ve made. And I say “rustic” in a good way, like something that might have come out of the oven of Mrs. Claus herself.

I adore cranberries and am always dismayed at the many recipes that call for dried cranberries. I don’t want some shriveled little nugget in my cookies and pies, I want those beautiful ruby-hued pearls that you can only buy about two weeks out of the whole year. I’d had my eye on this pie recipe at Epicurious for a couple of years because it called for fresh cranberries.

The crust, which Greg made, was fantastic. I generally dislike butter pie crusts because I find they often taste like cardboard. Something with that much butter should not draw comparisons to a cereal box. But this crust was beautifully golden, and it actually broke into dainty little flakes as I put my fork into it. Flakes!

Sadly, this pie wasn’t perfect. I cut into it to find about an inch of liquid on the bottom. Not very pretty. So we didn’t bother to take a photo of the inside of the pie. It tasted awesome despite the juice, and I imagine you could siphon that off. It didn’t stop us from eating it — and I feel certain it wouldn’t stop me from making it again.

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