Greens and goat cheese pizza

Every time I make homemade pizza, I vow that we will quit eating takeout pizza altogether. The crust is chewy instead of tough or bread-like, and it doesn’t come out of the oven with a lake of grease atop it.

It does take some planning and patience though. It’s not difficult, but it is a lot more work (and mess) than picking up a phone to order in.

Last week we had swiss chard pizza. This is one of my favorites because I can pretend that the greens make it healthy. I used Smitten Kitchen’s easy pizza dough recipe. And the topping was inspired by this Epicurious recipe, though I subbed in gruyere for the goat cheese because that’s what I had.

I do think you can eat this with a little less guilt than your usual pizza, and you won’t feel like you’ve swallowed a bowling ball after you finish your meal.