But of course

We haven’t been around much lately, have we? We’ve been a little busy trying to get our house in order before Eleanor’s sibling arrives in August. Yippee! Well, it might not be all yippees this summer when we’re trying to corral a rambunctious toddler after staying up all night with an infant, but we are excited for Eleanor to have a playmate.

We had our ultrasound last week to learn the gender. We had nearly settled on a boy’s name. Therefore, we are having a baby girl. We’re so happy that Eleanor gets a sister, but the negotiations that have gone on over this name are probably akin to the talks that went on to conclude World War II.

The problem is that Greg likes long names. Looong. Ten letters long. Four syllables long. Something along the lines of Elizabethabella. And though I like some of these, I worry that a kid who already has to wrestle with the name Muthler will despise me if I give her a whale of a first name.

Perhaps it’s my obsession with tidiness, but I favor short names. As in three letters. Every name I throw out, Greg says, “That’s short,” as if that’s reason enough to discard the name. We had this same problem naming Eleanor, of course, and arrived at a nice compromise — a longer name that isn’t too frilly and has plenty of possible nicknames.

And we think we might have a compromise this time. There are two similar names we’re leaning toward, but Greg prefers one (the longer one), and I prefer the other. Neither of us will give up on our version. So when this baby is born and her name is Ann Ceceliarosaline, you’ll know why.

4 thoughts on “But of course

  1. Congratulations! What ever happened to the name Lauren? Love Cecilia though. :) I can’t wait to hear the final choice! Being a big sister is tough work, but I’m sure Eleanor is excited. Hope all is well otherwise. :)

  2. Hilarious as usual. I’ll just weigh in here, as I have some personal experience with this surname, and I would have really really liked to have had a frillier and prettier and more pronounceable first name to balance out unfortunateness of my last name. So I guess I’m with Greg on this one! Frilly! Frilly! Frilly! ; )

  3. Amanda, you have such a good memory! My tastes have changed since then. I tend to like more old-fashioned names now, and Greg already ruled out Cecilia because of the song (though I like the song).
    Laura, as one of so many Sarahs, I always wanted a longer, fancier name, too. But in a world of Isabellas, I find something sweet about Anne, Lucy, etc.

  4. Congrats! Having grown up with a long first and last name, I can say it’s not too bad. Though my whole name never used to fit on those standardized test forms! One of Lance’s co-workers refused to pick names for her kids that were longer than 4 letters since she had to write their names on everything. :)

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