We might have a name

After some more discussion, and some encouragement from a few of you (thank you!), I think we have selected a name. We did not use Eleanor’s suggestion, though Flowers Kitty Cat is quite distinctive.

I googled the name to see what would pop up, though I told Greg I had not yet tried searching for the name and M.I.T. to see whether it was suitable for a math genius.

“Oh, it’s a great geek name,” Greg said with pride.

What does that mean? Greg didn’t offer any explanation. I’m not anti-geek, clearly, as I’m married to one. But I prefer names that connote dignity rather than geekery.

The name is not Leia. Or Apple.

2 thoughts on “We might have a name

  1. So is this the name you’ve selected to call the baby just until July*, whereafter you will tire of it and choose something entirely impossible for all of your relatives to predict? Or is this the REAL name?

    (*We’re guilty of this, too. “Silas” is now the name of our beloved network, rather than our snaggletoothed son.)

  2. It feels like the real name, but we haven’t painted it on the wall or anything. It’s actually the first name I suggested, but then we discarded it for one big reason, which you will hear about later this summer. I’m mostly calling the baby Flowers Kitty Cat so as to avoid tiring of the actual name and driving Greg crazy.

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