Shortcake for my lil’ shortcake

In the strange world that is Texas, April is strawberry season. We bought some berries at the farmer’s market a few weeks ago, which the farmer told us were full of flavor. Indeed they were. Full of sour flavor. We picked a couple of pounds of strawberries last year that were just the same. So sadly, we’re stuck with grocery store strawberries from California or Mexico, but at least the little flavor that they have is sweet.

It’s been so summery here that I decided to make strawberry shortcake the other night. I always use this recipe for lemon shortcakes from Epicurious. A better biscuit recipe probably exists somewhere, but I always return to this one because it is so simple, and I don’t want to waste beautiful spring days in the kitchen. And it is pretty darn good.

And I know this would have been even better with homemade whipped cream, but no one here was complaining about the canned stuff. Heck, Eleanor ate a whole bowl of whipped cream with a bit of shortcake underneath (and if we’re being honest, so did her mom).

And we had plenty of time left afterward to chase bubbles.