Lentil tacos

The last time Greg and I visited his parents in Illinois, his mom made quesadillas. While we were eating, she asked me what else I would have put in the quesadillas, which had beans, cheese, tomatoes and peppers. But the question isn’t what else would I put in there. The question is: What wouldn’t I put in there?

Having grown up in the Midwest, my idea of a taco used to be ground beef, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. But I’ve had a bit of a taco love affair since we moved to Texas and I discovered just how versatile the taco can be. We eat tacos and quesadillas all the time. With fillings of squash, or beans and slaw, or potatoes and mustard greens. I might someday even attempt a cranberry and stuffing taco on the day after Thanksgiving. What do you think?

Last night I tried a recipe for lentil tacos, and everyone liked it. Well, I think Eleanor mainly ate the cheese and “matoes,” but she did eat some of it. I didn’t follow the included salsa recipe because I wanted one with tomatoes. The recipe calls for smoked paprika, and don’t dare try to substitute regular paprika. Smoked paprika has a wonderful rich flavor and is really the key ingredient here.

Pardon the bites already taken out of the taco in our photo. I forgot about photographing this until we’d already dug in.