Bed of nails. Seriously.

A couple of weeks ago, Greg traveled to Madison, Wisc., for a tae kwon do gathering. A few times a year, a bunch of black belts get together and do ridiculous things to prove their mental toughness.

This time around, Greg was chosen for a special task. He laid down on a bed of nails. Two swords were placed on his abdomen, with the blades facing into his abdomen. Then two cement blocks were stacked on top, and another black belt, someone who holds no grievances against Greg as far as I know, used a sledge hammer to smash the blocks. What an inspired idea!

Please note that this was voluntary. No money was exchanged.

Greg returned home with a surprisingly mild cut on his abdomen and most of his sanity intact. I enjoyed his comments on this whole affair.

“That bed of nails was sharper than I expected.”


“The swords were sharper than I expected, too.”

Sadly for Greg, there was no sympathy on the home front. Because, you know, that childbirth hurt worse than I expected.