Mother’s Day weekend recap

Greg has abandoned Facebook in an effort to use his time more wisely, and I often think I should do the same, especially after this weekend. When I logged on, many of my mom friends had commented about how fantastic their weekends were and how relaxed they felt. I didn’t post anything about my weekend, but it went something like this.

On the way to the playground Saturday evening, our family came within inches of a car crash. Fortunately, the anti-lock brakes were very effective.

At the playground, a bird pooped on my arm and shirt.

On Sunday morning, Abe and I nearly got bitten by a snake — I think it was one of these — while on a hike-and-bike path near our house. It LUNGED at us, I tell you. Lunged and flicked its tongue.

Back at home, we discovered that our air-conditioning had died. Forecast high: mid-90s.

Life is getting back to normal today, and frankly, I’m relieved that Mother’s Day is over.