Chocolate malt ball cake

I threw together a quick little raspberry cake on Greg’s birthday before he headed off to work, and we all sat down for a piece after breakfast. Because I had to work Monday, I knew breakfast was our only time together that day. This was a borderline coffee cake, so it didn’t seem completely unreasonable to have it at 9 a.m.

Though the cake was wonderfully moist, it could not suffice for a birthday cake — only one layer and no frosting — and when I stumbled upon a friend’s photo of a chocolate malt ball cake, I knew that Greg had to have that for his birthday. Or maybe it was the six months’ pregnant lady who had to have it. I can’t be sure.

So back into the kitchen I went yesterday, barefoot and pregnant and armed with obscene amounts of chocolate and butter. I found the cake recipe from Food and Wine Magazine. I cut this recipe in half because as you can see, the original frosting recipe calls for a pound of butter. If you have any concern for your heart, you will run away screaming now.

Still here? I baked it in two pans instead of three. Despite all the malt in the cake, it doesn’t taste particularly malty or noteworthy, but the frosting, oh my. In the future, I would probably just make a yellow cake and use this frosting. Or maybe just buy a pack of graham crackers and make this frosting. With Whoppers on top, of course.