Play-Doh pictionary

Eleanor very much likes Play-Doh, and we often use cookie cutters to create different shapes. But sometimes she wants a more three-dimensional creature, so then Greg and I have to put our very limited artistic skills to work. She always asks us to make cows, but I sometimes veer from that just to make her life, and mine, a little more interesting

Play-Doh is harder to work with than you might think. You can’t add pieces as an afterthought because they tend to fall off, so you really have to sculpt your animal from one solid piece of dough. Greg and I often make each other guess what we’ve created.

I crafted a creature the other day that I hadn’t tried before, and Greg immediately knew what it was. Initially I thought, I’m amazing at this. Then I thought, no, I’m actually not, and this is just one more sign that I married the right man. Because he can identify my deformed Play-Doh animals.

So I’m putting it to a survey. Can you guess what this figure is? And be as specific as possible (guess poodle instead of dog, for example). I’ll give you the answer on Friday.

4 thoughts on “Play-Doh pictionary

  1. I will guess Brontosaurus. Only because I think Greg doesn’t buy into the whole Camarasaurus head mistake ever happened. If not, I will also go with Apatosaurus.

  2. Well, since we just visited the Denver zoo, I’m going to say that without a doubt you have created a tapir.

  3. The smooth, baggy skin, long thick tail, and seemingly earless, eyeless face suggest to me the East African heterocephalus glaber, or the naked mole rat, an animal whose grotesqueness seems represented here with extraordinary accuracy, Sarah!

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