Play-Doh pictionary, part II

If you haven’t read the first part of this post, please scroll down and take a look.

OK, I had such fun reading your guesses! The mystery animal is actually a brontosaurus, but I’m going to take apatosaurus as a correct answer also because I wasn’t aware of that controversy. I’m so behind on my paleontology. When I was in school, way back in the old days, we only learned of brontosauruses (and Pluto was a planet).

The tapir guess made me laugh out loud because when Greg and I visited Costa Rica, I became obsessed with tapirs. Our guidebook told us that they were elusive, so I was determined to have one reveal itself. But having hiked through the rainforest both during the day and at night, and having sweated through every piece of clothing that I packed, I now know that the tapir is indeed elusive. Though my screaming at every giant bug that flew past probably didn’t help. At least we have a reason to return to Costa Rica someday. That tapir awaits.

I had no idea what a naked mole rat was. And now, thanks to Google, I know exactly what a naked mole rat is. Nightmares will commence tonight.

In honor of your guesses, I have sculpted a tapir, on the left, and a naked mole rat. Thanks for playing!

2 thoughts on “Play-Doh pictionary, part II

  1. That looks like a much truer naked mole rat. You will probably never have to learn about these sorts of creatures, but they are the sort with which my days and nights are reference-infested. Cheers for boys!

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