Setting the table — and then some

Eleanor loves to help out at dinner, sometimes too much. She pushes a chair from the kitchen table over to the counter so she can watch me cook, but now that I’m about 17 months pregnant, it’s hard for me to reach around her to the utensils and spices and such. To keep her out from under foot (or under belly, as the case may be), I’ve been asking her to set the table every night.

We don’t let her handle plates, but she eagerly puts silverware and napkins on the table. She isn’t satisfied until all eight of our dinner forks are out, which means giving forks to her dolls or sometimes leaving them on the chairs. Nothing like a fork in the rear to make dinner lively.

A couple of nights ago, she realized that she had been skipping a very important family member while setting the table. I know you can’t see Abe’s face, but he’s looking perplexed.