Chocolate granola

We were sad to learn about the death of Steve Jobs yesterday, and I’m surprised at how gloomy I feel about this news. I’ve always ranted about technology and all of the problems it causes. But if we must all live with technology, and at this point I think we must, Apple products are amazing. Greg got me an iPad last Christmas, and it is possibly the best gift I have ever received. I can sit on my couch and download a 500-page book in two minutes flat and begin to read. How is that possible? It’s possible because Steve Jobs was here.

I think the sadness comes from my recognition that the man was a genius and was clearly doing what he was born to do. The world would be a far better place if more people were willing to take risks and pursue their dreams as he did.

So if you’re feeling a little down, too, then perhaps you would like to drown your sorrows in a bowl of granola. This isn’t just any granola though. It is homemade granola with chocolate. Granola is so easy to make, and you can customize your flavors so you no longer have to settle for that overly sweet stuff at the grocery store. And chocolate for breakfast? Yes, you should give that a try.

This recipe is adapted from Orangette.

6 cups rolled oats
1 cup raw almonds, chopped
1 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
3 Tbsp. sugar
Pinch of salt
12 Tbsp. mild honey
4 Tbsp. vegetable oil
1 cup finely chopped bittersweet chocolate

Combine the oats, almonds, coconut, sugar and salt in a bowl. Don’t forget to add the sugar lest you be forced to sprinkle it on later (as I did). You might find that you want to dial down the sugar given the sweetness of the chocolate, but you can always do that with your second batch, right? In a saucepan, warm the oil and honey, whisking until the honey thins. Pour over the dry ingredients and mix.

Spread the mixture on two rimmed baking sheets, and bake in a 300-degree oven for 20 minutes. You’ll need to stir the granola halfway through to prevent it from sticking together. Stir it again when you remove it from the oven. When the granola has cooled, add the chocolate. This is technically a breakfast food, but I think it might be good sprinkled on some vanilla ice cream. For breakfast? Well, I don’t know about that.