Cooking disaster

Fellow cooks, I have a question for you. What do you do when you can see that something is going wrong with a recipe? Do you plow ahead? Do you start anew?

Not wanting to waste ingredients, I tend to plow ahead, and so it went on Friday when I attempted to make broccoli fritters. I was excited about the recipe because it looked so simple, and broccoli is one of the few veggies that I can count on Eleanor eating.

I needed to cook some broccoli; mix it with egg, cheese, and flour; mash the broccoli into bits; and then fry it. But when I dumped my cooked broccoli into the flour mixture and began to knead it with my potato masher, I saw a problem. My broccoli had needed longer to cook than the five minutes I had given it. Much longer. I pounded it with a bit more force. The broccoli pieces were still whole, but by this point they were coated in egg and flour, so cooking them further wasn’t an option. Onward!

I gripped the mixing bowl with my left hand, and I bludgeoned the broccoli.

“What are you doing, Mommy?” Eleanor asked, concerned about the thuds from the kitchen.

Several minutes later, with my right arm starting to ache, I gave up. I tried to cut some of the pieces with a knife but quickly lost my patience. As you see in the photo, we ended up with something resembling deep-fried broccoli. I sheepishly set it on the kitchen table in front of Greg and Eleanor.

And then, that dinner-time question that every parent dreads:

“Mommy, what is that?”

3 thoughts on “Cooking disaster

  1. but how did they TASTE? that’s the real way to tell a cooking fail. ugly can still be delicious.

  2. They were soggy in the middle but still good, so not a total failure. I would definitely try the recipe again because I think they could have been awesome.

  3. Sarah,

    I’m going to be honest. Those look hideous. For some reason, the lemons around the edge made me laugh. I think Eleanor had every right to ask her question.


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