How big is your bed?

Insomniacs of the world, confer with me. I am a poor sleeper and have been for years. I’ve tried every tip I can find, but I still haven’t tried the one thing that I think might really help. The king-sized bed. Do you have one? Or rather, does anyone NOT have one?

During the first few months of our marriage, Greg and I had a double bed, so when we finally got our queen-sized mattress, it felt palatial. Over the years, our bed seems to have shrunk. No, we haven’t put on weight, but thanks for asking. And I can’t even attribute it to Eleanor because we are frigid parents who don’t let children sleep in our bed.

On many nights now, either Greg or I sleeps in the guest bed because I need more space. The more I talk to people about sleeping, the more I hear that everyone has a king-sized bed and that Greg and I must be minimalist kooks. Maybe it’s time.

But then I think of all the generations before us that have survived with double beds. Isn’t a king-sized mattress a bit indulgent? A little Roman Empire-esque? I envision our whole family lounging in our enormous bed, nibbling cheese and grapes. Seems as though a cot or sleeping bag would suffice for all of us who spend half the night awake.

So will the mattress cure the insomnia? If we go out and spend thousands of dollars on a mattress, a bed frame, and new sheets, and I still can’t sleep, then I will really, really be lying awake at night.

(Gratuitous sleeping baby shot. This is one of my favorite Eleanor pictures.)

One thought on “How big is your bed?

  1. We don’t have a king size – I’m not sure we’d be able to fit one in our room. Or if we could, there wouldn’t be room for much else. It does always seem so huge if we use one in a hotel or something, but I suppose you’d get used to it! I always feel crowded when I wake up in the morning, but that is because there is often a cat taking up most of my pillow. :)

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