What is your dream job?

A recent conversation with friends turned to the topic of dream jobs. What would you do if money, education, and plain old practicality didn’t play a role in your working life? Some of the answers intrigued me. Storm chaser. App developer. I felt as though everyone in the room was revealing his or her secret identity.

I was also surprised at the variety of answers. I always assume that my dream job will be the same as every other person’s because I just know that I’ve picked the most amazing job a person could have — travel writer, obviously.

We spend childhood dreaming about what we’ll do as adults, but most of us set those ideas aside when we reach adulthood because paying the bills takes priority. Even when I had planned to switch careers, I didn’t pick my dream career, just a different job that I thought I would enjoy and would provide me with some financial security.

I’m curious: What’s your dream job? Does anyone out there already have a dream job?

4 thoughts on “What is your dream job?

  1. I have so many dream jobs: taking my cupcake blog big-time; doing marketing for the U of I sports information office or maybe the alumni association; finding a way to scrapbook for a living; being a personal trainer. It all depends on my mood and the day!

  2. Sarah, my ambitions change with the seasons of my life, and some of my dream jobs have come and gone, and they weren’t that dreamy. I definitely always dreamed of being a mom and a writing teacher, so I’m good there for a while, living the dream. The only ambition I have left is being a singer in a band! I’m glad your post here reminded me of it. I’ve been doing too much reading and too little practicing!

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