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Have you taken a summer vacation? I heard about several of my friends’ trips over the weekend, and I’m already daydreaming about where we will go next year. I’m in charge of planning our next surprise trip, our 10th. I thought we would end this tradition long ago, but I adore planning these trips.

Greg and I have agreed that the Official Surprise Trip Rules allow us to repeat locations, though I think some of the excitement would be lost if we returned to a place.

My favorite spot is Jackson, Wyoming.

Greg chose Jackson for our vacation a few years ago. I had visited a couple of times as a kid, and I remembered it as the most beautiful place on Earth — at least the parts of Earth that I had seen. I literally feel better just knowing that this place exists, even when I am suffering through a 100-degree Austin day.

When Greg gave me the plane ticket at the airport, I felt nervous. What if he didn’t like it? Some things in a marriage are non-negotiable, and this was one of them. I could not be married to a man who didn’t like Jackson. But Greg did like it. I think the moose helped.

I’m looking for inspiration. Do you have a favorite vacation place? Where would you take someone on a surprise trip?

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  1. Hawaii…. Maui is truly a paradise. Or maybe another more remote island. What about international? Holbox, three hours away from Cancun to the north, is beautiful… Or Tulum or Akumal, south of Can Cun… beautiful as well. But where have you guys go? Where have you been your 10 destinations?

  2. Well, you’ve already been to two of my favorites, Glacier and NYC. Other places I think are wonderful include the Connecticut coast (are you too young for “Mystic Pizza”?), Boston, Provincetown, Baltimore, Vancouver, Lake Louise, the Big Island of Hawaii and San Diego/Coronado Island.

  3. i love L.A., the beach (i’m not picky about which one) and japan. but my wish list includes somewhere tropical, NYC and a road trip along the east coast, which i’ve never been to. majorly deprived over here, i know! and rae, i’m a fan of the movie–all about the cheesy 80s flicks!

  4. Alejandra, we have been to:
    1. Southern Illinois for a winery tour
    2. Monterrey, California
    3. Bar Harbor, Maine
    4. Seward and Homer, Alaska
    5. Jackson, Wyoming
    6. Tofino, British Columbia
    7. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
    8. Sedona, Arizona
    9. Glacier National Park, Montana

  5. Another beautiful place is Halifax and Prince Edward Island, both in Canada… They are not very close together but they were beautiful. I remember the lighthouses…

    What about the beaches in North or South Carolina? San Francisco? Too grey for me, but it’s beautiful.

    And if you ever decide to go to Mexico… then we can talk more.

  6. My husband and I used to do surprise trips! We did them often before we were married and moved to IL from CA. We do small day trip surprises now. I have similar pictures of Jackson and a moose from the Grand Tetons about that close up as well!

  7. We had a good time in Seattle, because you can do all the fun city things and it is also close to Mt. Rainier National Park. We’re also fans of the all-inclusive Mexico resorts, but that’s more if you just want a lazy, relaxing vacation (though you can do some exploring, if you’re feeling adventurous).

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