Today is our ninth anniversary. This morning, I was feeling a bit guilty. “I don’t have your card ready yet,” I told Greg. “I haven’t written a message even though I bought it two weeks ago.”

I could see that Greg was trying to keep a neutral face. He smiled politely. He said nothing.

“You haven’t even bought a card for me, have you?” I asked.

He hugged me, and we both started laughing. Maybe we’re a little too comfortable with each other after nine years, but I’ve lived enough at this point to know that a card matters very little compared to everything else Greg has given me.

And, Greg, if you’re needing a gift idea, this is apparently the pottery anniversary. But you might want to just skip that and save for next year because nothing sets a girl’s heart aflutter like tin and aluminum.

One thought on “Nine

  1. I like that the traditional 90th anniversary gift is stone. Hmm… What type of stone would one likely need after 90 years of marriage? And while I mean that as a joke, I find it actually quite endearing.

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