Chatter for charity — the finale

Thank you to everyone who commented! Reading about all of that kindness gave me a lift, and I hope it did the same for you. During election season in particular, it can feel like our society has lost its humanity, but acts of quiet goodness go on every day. We had 46 comments. Because we’re so close to 50, Greg and I will add $4 to get us there. So with the matching, we raised $100 for Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep. Good work, team!

3 thoughts on “Chatter for charity — the finale

  1. Sorry for being late to post. If not too late would like to add my comment on ‘ the nicest thing that someone has done for me’. Many people have done great things for me that I will be ever grateful for. Would like to mention one such instance. My Sahbumnin (Taekwondo Teacher) – taught me a lot of valuable lessons through Taekwondo and to stretch myself physically and mentally to try and achieve. Would like to take this opportunity to Thank him.

  2. Hi Sarah and Greg, what a noble and inspirational thing to do.

    A kind act and gesture that both humbled me and made me very grateful was when my dear Grandpa said he prayed the rosary for me when I had E.coli.

    Note: this is my first blog post ever.

  3. Sorry for being late on this posting. I really appreciate the opportunity to reflect on this so, thank you, Sarah and Greg.
    I have enjoyed many, many acts of kindness from others but what really stands up for me was the help we got when our dear Tayla was suffering from a seizure disorder during most of the first year of her life. During that time, we received help from many friends (bringing food to us at the hospital and home, taking care of Maya, etc.) and from our families (Jack’s father was here in just a few hours from the diagnosis being made). The power and beauty of community during trying times is a gift that goes right to the heart and is
    always remembered…

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