Free tissues with your pledge

Some of you might remember that I wrote a while back about a Kickstarter campaign for a little movie called “Return to Zero.” It follows a couple, played by Minnie Driver and Paul Adelstein, during and after the stillbirth of their son. Yes, it will be sad, but I’m hopeful that it will help people to better understand stillbirth. And with that understanding, we might get more research to help reduce the 26,000 stillbirths that happen every year in this country.

The film’s producers raised enough money to finish the movie, and now they’re trying to get it into theaters. During one of my fits of craziness, I signed up to be a local leader for the film. Friends, I am terrible at sales. I was always the Girl Scout who sold the fewest cookies in my troop. Who can’t sell a box of thin mints?

You don’t have to buy anything though. Instead, please consider signing this pledge to see the movie on opening weekend. The movie doesn’t actually have an opening weekend yet. We need pledges to help get it released, and I’m responsible for collecting 100 of them. The producers hope to release it late this year or early next year.

The pledge only takes a minute to fill out, and you can stick my name in the “local leader” box. If you want to see it with me, I’ll supply the tissues. And if there’s 100 of us watching together, well, that would be awesome. Thanks!

9 thoughts on “Free tissues with your pledge

  1. Hi Sara, I always stop by your blog. Guenevieve’s story (and yours, of course) has really captivated me.

    I would love to sign the pledge and watch the movie once it premieres. I’m in MA though, so I was wondering if I could still list you as my “local leader”. Probably not, right?!


  2. Sarah, the Whites have pledged. Do you know if they will email us when it opens and where it is showing? I don’t think it will come to our specific city, and we don’t want to miss it.

  3. Hi Sarah,
    I started making the pledge and was relieved when it says I can put in another country as I am in South Africa, but the problem comes in where it asks if I will be taking a friend to the screening which is obviously impossible for me. Any suggestions?

  4. Caro, you can just check the one, which is how they will count you. I’m planning to go with one other person, so I checked two.

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