“Return to Zero” this weekend

Here’s one more reminder to watch “Return to Zero” tomorrow night on Lifetime. I was offered the chance to watch it last week and give my thoughts. I’ve also done a Q-and-A with writer/director Sean Hanish.

This film is difficult to watch. This film is good to watch. Our society likes to gloss over death, and this film doesn’t do that. Though it is definitely prettier than my story because, you know, Hollywood. And Minnie Driver. I am grateful that it exists, that parents who have just been through a loss will see that stillbirth does matter to our society, that it matters to thousands of other people who banded together to get this movie made and released.

3 thoughts on ““Return to Zero” this weekend

  1. I am going to have a hard time with this movie… mostly because I will be watching my very real reality (and the ones many of us have also experienced) all over again. It’s a tender part of my heart. One that is so much a part of who I am, but one that sends me into some serious pits of sadness.

  2. Dear Sara,
    following your recommendation, I watched the movie. Really moving. Certainly tough to watch, especially since I’m currently pregnant. But this is such an important topic, and one I feel that those of us who never went through that experience understand very little about. The scene of the birth of Arthur had me in lots and lots of tears. We can’t be afraid to talk about stillbirth because it seems too hard.

    I thank you for bringing this once again to our attention. I also wanted you to know I thought about Genevieve today and how much she is certainly proud of you, Greg, Eleanor and Henry. I don’t know your family but I truly wish you all the best.


  3. Oh, Renata. I think I should have posted a warning for pregnant women not to watch. As much as I want to educate people, I do try to avoid this topic with women while they’re expecting. My hope is that people will be aware but not fearful. I’m happy to hear your news, and I wish you a peaceful pregnancy and birth. Thank you for your kind words!

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