The infirmary

I try to impart some knowledge or humor or gratitude with each post I write. Sometimes, I can’t.

Last Saturday: Eleanor shows signs of a cold.
Last Sunday: Eleanor has some sort of cold/flu thing and spends the day on the couch.
Monday: Greg comes down with the cold/flu thing.
Tuesday: Discover that Henry’s first tooth is finally coming through. This might explain his multiple night wakings.
Wednesday: Henry comes down with the cold/flu thing.
Thursday: I have my previously scheduled allergy testing done. I get 45 scratches with pollen on my back and 21 injections with pollen in my arms. Commence multiple days of itchiness.
Friday: Henry goes to the doctor, where they confirm that he merely has a cold/flu thing and not something worse.
Friday night: Henry wakes four times.
Saturday: Henry’s fever is gone. It is our 11th wedding anniversary. A lunch-time cookout with friends! A seven-course dinner! Champagne! Merriment! Life is so good!
Sunday (2 a.m.): Greg awakes with food poisoning.

We think the food poisoning is from earlier in the week. We ate the same things yesterday, and I’m fine. Greg says he felt “a little off” yesterday. One does question the wisdom of consuming a seven-course meal while feeling “a little off.” Oh well.

How shall I categorize this post? Food? Parenthood? Grief? Oh, there it is: humble pie.

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