Not making the cut

If you read my piece about holiday cards, you probably guessed that we do not send photo cards. This year, we did snap a photo of the kids to tuck into the cards that we will send to grandparents, relatives, and some friends.

I say it casually. We just snapped a photo. What actually went on spanned the course of two days and three photo sessions, the fault of both a photography-obsessed husband and a perfectionistic wife. I wanted to show what happens when we try to take one of those perfect holiday photos. There is the mad baby:

Mad Henry

There is the moment when the baby falls off the bed because both parents are so distracted:

About to fall

(Greg caught that 22-pound baby with one hand after taking this photo.)

And there is the mother standing nearby with marshmallows for bribery:

Bribing the baby

When I look at the cards that other people send, I don’t see any of this. Those children must be more cooperative. And those husbands and wives must not argue about backgrounds and lighting.

Though we won’t be sending out any of these photos, I think that for posterity’s sake, I like them best. This is what life looks like with our kids. Often, it’s a mess.

4 thoughts on “Not making the cut

  1. TRUTH. I am just like you. I made cards with my own photos (no professional here, for grief’s sake… I can’t go there yet). They weren’t perfect. That’s life. I only sent to close family and close friends… maybe 15 total.

    I just don’t value them that much– the time, money, stress of it all. Christmas is already loaded for me.

  2. I like these photos, too! We had professional ones done both of the past two years with Chantal, although under pressure from my mom, who insisted we needed photos to send out to family members (and they had to be high enough quality to make into 8x10s, which pretty much ruled out anything I’d take at home with my basic point-and-shoot digital). Our studio portraits turned out well and I’m glad we did them in the end, but it’s really reassuring to know there are others out there who believe that having these things done is not a necessity for happiness or Christmas spirit. (No offense to my mom, of course. She just wants those perfectly polished pictures of her granddaughter to show to all her friends!)

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