More than a little Scottish

I’ve been interested in genealogy for a long time. It’s a bit of a hobby on my mom’s side of the family, which I assumed was because her family had been settled on the same farm for nearly 200 years and living in the United States since before the revolution. They have a lot of heirlooms hanging around.

A few weeks ago, Eleanor did a school ancestry project. She had to choose a country that her ancestors had come from and research the culture. Greg’s family is very German, and my dad’s family is German. My mom’s family is partly Scottish. It can be difficult to get excited about German ancestry because, well, Germany hasn’t exactly endeared itself to the world, has it?

So Eleanor researched Scotland, and she was very excited to come home from school and tell us that she was the only Scottish kid in her class, this despite the fact that she had to learn about haggis.

My interest in genealogy comes partly from wanting to gain an understanding of where I come from. But I also have carried a spark of hope that I will discover I am related to Newton or Shakespeare. A few months ago, I delved into my ancestry online and found something almost as good. I am of royal descent.

I know, I know. You have all been thinking that I have a royal air about me and had probably already guessed. This is your confirmation. We are looking into hiring a household staff and acquiring steeds for our hunting parties.

At the time of my discovery, I found a prince of Denmark and a queen of Sweden from the 1300s. When I tried to find that line again, I couldn’t. Not to worry, there are many, many other royal lines with coats of arms and paintings of stern men and women. I hadn’t heard any of this from my mom, but I now suspect that this helps explain the family interest in genealogy. The records are easy to find and fascinating, too.

I just found this lady, the Queen of Scotland. No big deal. So, yes, we’re Scottish. Haggis and kilts Scottish. Oh, but also French, as it turns out. Now I just need to figure out whether my ancestors were accidentally overlooked in the parcelling out of some European estate. Surely there’s a castle for me somewhere.

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