Holiday photo rejects

We tried to get a holiday photo over the weekend to send out with our cards. We had a few keepers, and then we had all of the other ones. In many ways, the other ones are the best ones. When I talk to my friends, they don’t tell me that their homes are spotless and their children perfect. They are worried about the toddler who isn’t talking yet but maybe should be, the spouse who is working hours that are too long, the parent in the hospital, or the endless demand of packing school lunches (so many lunches!).

So all of this is to say that my life is messy and difficult and funny and a whole lot of things that I can’t show in a single photo. Now for the rejects.


Eleanor insisted on kissing Henry. He was not digging it.


Eleanor’s epic stink-eye continues.


Henry and remote controls: It’s love, I tell you. He says “oooohhh” when he gets excited. Can you see it?


Obviously this was my idea for a great pose. No children were harmed during this photo shoot.