My first seven jobs

Everyone has been listing their first jobs on Facebook this week, so I figured I would add mine. I got my first job at the ripe old age of 19. My parents wanted me to pour my energy into school and extracurriculars rather than earning money. If they had foreseen the state of journalism in 2016, perhaps they would have had me start working sooner.

1. Attendant at a country club snack shop. This was mortifying when cute boys from my high school placed orders.

2. Reporter for The Daily Illini at the University of Illinois. My favorite story remains my coverage of a buck that ran through the plate glass window of the performing arts center.

3. Working for a temp agency, I landed in the shipping and receiving department of a computer services business.

4. Reporter covering city council meetings for The Rock River Times.

5. Copy editing intern for the Gloucester (Mass.) Daily Times. I also reported stories, took photos and designed my own little section of the paper. I loved it.

6. Copy editor for The Daily Illini.

7. Copy editing intern for the Bend (Ore.) Bulletin.

I think it would also be interesting to do a list of jobs that I have interviewed for but not gotten, like that time Barnes and Noble passed me over. Did they find somebody who loved books more than I do?