I think grown-up could legitimately be turned into a verb because it is what I have been doing the past couple of weeks. We have let a lot of things slide during the past few months. Or perhaps the past few years. Our to-do list is out of hand.

We have had two doctor’s appointments a week for the past few weeks. We have established that Eleanor’s gluten-free diet is working. She has gained more weight in six months than she had in the past three years. She suddenly has an interest in running. And she gets herself up at the crack of dawn to get ready for school. Someone recently said to me “I’m sorry” when I told her about the diagnosis. Giving up gluten is a small trade-off for a healthy child. I can totally eat lentil pasta for 11 more years.

In other awesome news, Henry is no longer allergic to eggs. We have had waffles and brownies and all manner of goodies that had been failures without eggs. Next up is a test for a fire ant allergy because he had a strange reaction a couple of weeks ago. Also, I have to knock out a bunch of appointments for myself, including a visit to the optometrist because I can actually feel my vision getting worse. Also, everyone’s glasses continue to look increasingly 1980s, so I guess I will get a clunky new pair of frames even though I will regret this choice in 20 years when I look back at our family photos.

One of my friends who works full-time once asked me if being a stay-at-home mom was as much fun as it sounded. Was it all pedicures and fancy lunches while the kids were at school? Well, it is pretty darn glamorous. In the past week, we have replaced a broken part on our air-conditioner and had a leaking tire on my car fixed. We are also carpet shopping. And looking at having someone paint our dinged-up baseboards and trim, which should be done before we put in the carpet. We could do this ourselves, but given that we can’t even manage to replace the ceiling fan that broke a month ago, I’m planning to hire someone.

I think we have enough on the to-do list to keep me busy until Christmas. But maybe not because Henry finally returned to preschool yesterday! (I know this is Texas, but I promise we put shoes on him before we dropped him off.)


One thought on “Grown-upping

  1. Honest to God, I never have time for anything! There is no glamour in staying home. I know we recently moved, but I have a list of at least a dozen things that need attention NOW and I can’t even manage to scratch one off each day. I suppose I could stop running, but then my mental health starts slipping and I’m a mess. And the dentist appt. yesterday yielded two more freaking cavities despite my ridiculous diligence and routine of caring for my teeth. SO that means two more appointments to get two more cavities while the kids are in school and that leaves me with still zero minutes to accomplish said to-do list. Oye. I feel ya. Adulting is real.

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