Tummy tuck conclusion and other notes

I’ve had a few questions from friends and family about whether the tummy tuck was worth it. I had a doctor’s appointment this week, and I’m now cleared for all activities. This means I can return to doing pushups and vacuuming. Hooray?

The scar looks good, or as good as a 10-inch scar can look. I have a slight protrusion right below my belly button. At first, I worried that the hernia was returning, but the doctor said this is a bit of fat or swelling. If the bump remains, the doctor can do a minor surgery (He called it a “revision.”) in a few months. It’s such a minor thing that I will probably leave it alone.

The skin has very little feeling, though the doctor said the nerves should return in about a year. I live in fear that I will accidentally singe my midsection while cooking and not realize it. I can’t say that I would recommend the surgery for cosmetic reasons alone. I traded a saggy, pouchy tummy for a flat tummy covered in scars. I would, however, recommend it for those in my situation, people who have a hernia and feel physically limited. I’ve gone for a few slow runs and have been fine. Overall, the recovery was not as bad as I expected and certainly easier than trying to recover from a pregnancy and C-section, which takes me about six months.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was looking forward to seeing “Manchester by the Sea.” Greg and I went over the weekend, and while I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, I will say that this is a movie about grief (guh-rieeeeef). As we left the theater, I told Greg that it was the most crushing movie I have seen.

The writer and director (Kenneth Lonergan) clearly gets it, gets how it feels to walk down the street and know that people are pitying you, gets how it feels when other people want you to be “normal” again and you can’t. I rarely enjoy watching Casey Affleck, but he was perfectly restrained in this role. It is a beautiful movie, both in terms of acting and scenery. Prepare yourself though.

Finally, if anyone has suggestions of Christmas gifts for an engineer dad who enjoys tae kwon do and photography, send me a message. Henry says that Greg’s presents should be candy and a saw. These may or may not be the exact same things that Henry wants for Christmas.

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  1. If I think of anything good for an engineer dad who enjoys tae kwon do and photography, I’m going to keep it a secret and give it to my husband. But I’ve got nothin’.

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