Merry Christmas 2016!

Christmas in our house has reached the boisterous level that I had always hoped for. Henry is fully in on the festivities this year, though he will be sorely disappointed when he wakes up tomorrow and has not received a “shoot gun.” Four weeks ago, his only request from Santa was a toy saw. Regardless, the Santa who visits our home is a pacifist, so a saw it will be. Henry can continue to turn my dinner-time carrots into shoot guns.

We drove around looking at lights last night, and I thought how Christmas has been really cheerful and easy this year. With Eleanor and I taking violin lessons and Greg taking cello, music floats through the house. At night, Greg and I have been working on the big puzzles section that came in our NYT last Sunday. It’s a nice break from our usual reading and Netflix routine. I even figured out a gift to put in Genevieve’s stocking — an ornament engraved with her name — something that stumps me every year.

We have an elf, an elf that was a “gift” from a grandmother a few years ago. “Have you ever heard of this?” she asked. Well, we’ve been trying to avoid it for four years. Anyway, the elf is often a nuisance, but she always does a grand finale before Christmas, and that part is fun. Last night, she decorated our kitchen with bells and ribbons and 80 bows. Don’t ask how I know that it was 80.


Between having surgery, looking for a job and watching the political ugliness of the past few months, I have become a grouch, and I’m grateful that I can take a break from everything and feel no guilt. Well, maybe a bit of guilt (Syria!), but I made a donation toward that this week, at least. Life, for a moment, feels like enough.

I hope that the holidays are peaceful and bright for all of you.

(Those jumping photos that everyone posts are not so easy to capture. This is a preview of how Greg and I will look dancing when we are 75.)


3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2016!

  1. I wouldn’t typically comment on your appearance, but everyone is dressed so adorably. Those pants on Henry are just adorable.

    We have ourselves an elf this year as a gift as well. Been avoiding it for years and now it was gifted because she heard through colleagues about this tradition and knew we didn’t have one. Alas. I’m pleased that’s over for the season.

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