For my next performance

You might remember from a while back that Greg got me started taking violin lessons. I thought I would post a video when I reached my first anniversary. I wasn’t playing well enough at that point to post a video. I’m closing in on my second anniversary of playing, and I’m still not good enough to post a video. Have I mentioned that I’m a recovering perfectionist? You guys, I will never be good enough to post a video.

Tonight, I started thinking about how I would feel if I got into some horrible accident and could no longer play the violin. (Why does my brain go to these places?) I would mourn the loss of this modest talent that I have cultivated, and I would probably curse myself for never having taken a video.

I handed Eleanor my phone. This is part of a Vivaldi piece I learned a few months ago. It’s not perfect, though the video work by Eleanor is spectacular. I look like I’m in the witness protection program.

Eleanor began violin lessons over the summer, and it’s really fun to see her take ownership of that hobby. She even played for her class at their holiday party. If I don’t get hired for a writing job soon, you’re going to find us busking on the streets of Vienna.

One thought on “For my next performance

  1. “Yeah. I pressed it!”

    You’re doing great! I’m happy you have a video. And don’t worry– my brain goes there, too. It’s horrid. On the entire drive back home from LA last weekend, I would come upon a stretch of land and picture us broken down, hitchhiking or being eaten by wild animals.

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