Items worth overspending

Where were we? Oh, yes, I’m still jobless and now spending every spare moment studying for the GRE. If Amy can paint eight walls in 47 minutes, and Tina can paint 13 walls in 34 minutes, how long does it take the pair to paint 16 walls? Stumped? The answer is eight bananas. I am rocking this math stuff!

I have so many things I want to write about — family mission statements, the unfairness of pre-existing medical conditions for an 8-year-old, etc. — but it’s 9 p.m. on a Saturday. I thought it might be fun to share some things that I buy despite their ridiculous prices. This is like Oprah’s favorite things written by a boring suburban lady.

This Origins night cream looks like liquid moonlight and smells like oranges. Does it do magical things to my skin? I don’t think so. Does it need to? Dabbing it on is akin to taking that first sip of ice water after a long, hot run.

Natori bras are amazing if you are petite. I splurged on one several years ago after being fitted for a bra at Nordstrom (Terribly awkward, yes, but such a relief to have undergarments that fit properly.). Once I owned one of these, I didn’t want to wear any of my others.

These pajamas are incredibly soft and hold up well after many trips through the laundry. I had quit buying pajamas for several years because it seemed like a waste of money. Old sweats and T-shirts work fine, right? I started to feel sad for Greg that I was putting forth so little effort, and I also wanted to look slightly more presentable when guests saw me in pjs. If you decide to buy a pair, size down because they run very big.

I need to quit buying my children ridiculous shoes. I just got this pair with the elephants for Henry because I only get to dress a little boy once, and he is already starting to have strong opinions about these things (He is anti-whale, for instance. Why?). The Livie & Luca shoes are really well made and easy for kids to put on. Eleanor’s feet barely grow, so these shows have been money well spent. But Henry? His feet do grow. I have no excuse, only poor self-control.

How about everybody else? What’s your favorite thing that costs too much?

3 thoughts on “Items worth overspending

  1. If we’re including food then I’d have to say raw milk (@ near $10/gallon) and pastured free range eggs (around $6/doz). Worth it! But expensive! Non-food would be kids shoes and running shoes, I try to buy as minimal as possible, so more money for less material (eye roll here). Vivobarefoot is a current favorite so I try to stalk Amazon for sizes they can’t sell and figure the kids will grow into them eventually. I love my running shoes from them so I suck it up and pay for last years models.

  2. Many overlaps on our venn diagrams! I buy everything you’ve mentioned except the pjs (which of course are totally on my list now…). I am trying to justify the L&L Nova sandals for summer, but they are not easy to even find right now! Also I’ve been using Avon night cream but you’ve convinced me to switch back to Origins. It’s the smell, really.

  3. Brooks Brothers dresses. Jamon iberico and aged Manchego cheese. Besides that, I’m pretty inexpensive to maintain. Johnson’s baby lotion for myself, and I don’t wear make-up or use salon shampoos or get manicures. Although I just bought a piece of clothing on sale that was still kind of pricey and I’m envisioning my husband pointing his finger at me and yelling “J’accuse!”

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