Three fun things

We’re heading on an epic summer trip in a few weeks. I don’t want to be specific about dates because I’ve heard thieves like that sort of thing, and I’m sure I have plenty of thieves in my readership. (Take the TV! It sits a bit crooked, and Greg kind of wants a new one.) We’re making a loop from Chicago to Toronto to Montreal to the Berkshires and back to Chicago. This trip is either the best or worst idea ever.

Our longest stay will be in Montreal, so Greg and I have started working on French, and Greg discovered this language site called Duolingo that has been really helpful. I’ve been using it for about 20 minutes each day, which isn’t going to have me speaking fluently but might at least allow me to read menus and find bathrooms. Eleanor has been eager to learn Spanish, so we’re going to have her give it a try as well. Sidenote: Why, oh why, are elementary schools still not teaching a second language given all we know about language acquisition?

Fun thing number two is Agatha Christie. I have never read a Christie book, but I just got a copy of “Murder on the Orient Express,” and we’re going to read it for our book group. There’s a movie version coming out this fall with Judi Dench and Kenneth Branagh, and I am loving the anticipation of both the book and the movie.

The final fun thing is “Anne with an E” on Netflix. Is anyone else watching? I feel silly because I’ve been telling my friends how great it is, and when a friend started watching, she quickly sent a text telling me how scary it was. I guess my review skipped over some crucial details about child abuse and bullying and the like. If you are looking for a faithful retelling of the book, this is not it.

Eleanor and I are okay with the liberties that the director has taken in the name of drama. We have one episode left, and I’ve been waiting all week to see it because Eleanor has been busy with inventor camp. My 8-year-old is off designing life support systems for an imaginary exoplanet (For real!), and I’m counting down the minutes until she has time to watch TV with me. Pretty sure this means I should go back to school already.

3 thoughts on “Three fun things

  1. When will you be in Chicago? Or you can email me if you don’t want to announce publicly. ;) Also, Lance was just in Montreal and he said everything is in English and French, so you should be ok!

  2. I’m OBSESSED with Anne With an E. I let Zuzu watch the first episode with me and then was like “erhm, not so much” and proceeded to binge watch it after bedtime. I love this version of the retelling–it’s gritty without being too inventive. I feel like it’s showing me the childhood story through adult eyes. This is what it meant to be an orphan in 1890… this is why Anne had an imaginary friend. I loved the story always, but I felt like the show made me acknowledge the trauma that shaped Anne’s life. And of course, I returned to the book series after Eliza died… (I’d forgotten that’s Diana’s mom’s name!) to see how Anne coped after losing her first baby. I was reluctant to watch the show, thinking they could never do it justice, but they did!

    And YES to teaching second languages in elementary schools. Why not??!!

  3. Summer camp is magical. I love how kids can focus on projects and have unlimited, no-standard required learning time. I also love for kids to be engaged during the summer. There is really no time in life where we should fully accept “no learning time” to be a thing. Their brains, especially, are wired to be learning always.

    I also wanted to say that I’ve been taking a class and LOVING IT. It’s a teaching class I’m so immersed in and have loved just about every minute of learning, me-time (isn’t it crazy how school turns into me-time when you’re in your 30s?) and developing that vocabulary again to make me an even better teacher.

    One last thing. I needed exercise, so I jumped on my spin bike last night and opened the CBS app to watch an episode of Amazing Race that I’m way behind on and biked for double the time just because I didn’t want to stop watching! ;) TV isn’t all evil.

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