Friday fun

You guys, we had our Christmas cards printed too early. Actual snow fell from the sky yesterday — and a lot of it — at least by Texas standards. Eleanor hadn’t seen snow in about four years, so this was essentially new territory for both kids. They were effervescent. The adults were pretty gleeful as well. I was out to dinner with friends for much of the time, but Greg captured photos of the kids playing. Without coats. Or shoes. Clearly, I wasn’t home.

I’m looking forward to starting the second season of “The Crown” tonight. Who else is watching? It’s about the young Queen Elizabeth, and the actors are sterling. That said, the costumes alone make it worthwhile.

I’m hoping it will take my mind off of the moving/grad school apprehension. After several months of worrying that I wouldn’t be accepted anywhere, I received my first acceptance email last week. I’m keeping locations under wraps for now (unless I see you in person!), but I have reached a whole new level of terror because now this is happening for real. Though I absolutely think this is the right choice, I am distraught at the notion of leaving our friends and a comfortable life.

4 thoughts on “Friday fun

  1. I don’t know that I realized graduate school meant you would be moving! Although now that I write that, I think maybe you DID write about that before… anyway, change is so hard for me and also I don’t deal well with uncertainty, so i feel for you! Love the snow pics.

  2. We started the new Crown season last night. It’s good!
    Good luck with moving and school decisions. We had a crazy decision to make about moving and life a couple years ago that sent us on a year of uncertainty and all over the country, but now feeling a bit more settled. Change is hard. Kids make it harder. Grief makes is really hard. But I hope you can trust your gut and feel good about your family choices!

  3. Yes, UT’s public health program is in Houston rather than Austin, and since we don’t know anyone in Houston, I figured that I might as well look at programs in other states. There are online programs, but I prefer in-person classes and also really want to make connections to help in the job search afterward. I think the change will be good for us. That doesn’t make it easy though!

  4. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Having gone back to school I think it is such a good choice, although I applied to local schools because it didn’t really occur to me to look anywhere else. Can’t wait to hear! So exciting.

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