Resolutions 2018

Last year, I resolved to yell less at my children and to find a job. I’ve mostly succeeded in reducing my yelling. Henry has aided this process by becoming a pretty serious shouter, so now I am constantly aware of the need to model an inside voice for him. I did have a couple of flip-outs this fall when I really needed to study and the kids wouldn’t stop arguing. I forced them into the yard to play, and despite a lot of protesting, everyone was happier for it.

My job search ended when the governor signed a state hiring freeze a few weeks into the new year. I had hoped to find a communications position at the University of Texas, and with that eliminated, I saw few good options. I was having a difficult time already because most of the positions were meant for millennials who wanted to work on social media all day.

I was very unhappy at the start of last year, and so my “find a job” resolution morphed into “make major life changes.” Action in any direction, even the wrong one, would be an improvement from being perpetually stuck. One year later, I’ve been accepted to two good graduate programs, and I’m excited (if terrified) about the coming year.

So, my resolution this year is to be brave. That’s it. I figure with a major move and my return to full-time school, I’m not going to have time to work on hobbies or self-improvement. Also, one could say that pursuing this goal is a form of self-improvement.

Related: We had some friends ask us about highs and lows for the year, which I thought was a good self-reflection. Henry’s getting scarlet fever in Canada was the most stressful moment, though I also gave thanks that we were close enough to the U.S. to get him medical care. But compared to that year when I lost my daughter and my job? Or that following year when the fertility drugs went so awry that I needed surgery? 2017 was damn good.

Highs were the epic Canadian road trip (minus scarlet fever), finally figuring out what to do in terms of my career, and watching Eleanor improve at the violin. She’s at the age where putting forth effort yields major rewards, and it is a joy to see her growing after so much nagging on my part (Practice, already!).