Six years

We arrived in Montreal last night, and life has been a whirlwind. In the past five days, we have trekked from Chicago to Ann Arbor to Toronto and finally here. When we stepped into our apartment, it was cold and rainy outside, and I felt such relief to land in the place we will spend the next two weeks. But the apartment was old and creaky, and the there’s a half-foot elevation change between the front door and the back patio, which is evident in the bowed wooden floors.

West Texas road trip

The past few years, we have taken a short trip at the holidays. I wanted to try something more adventurous than our typical jaunt to a big-city zoo or museum. We had never been to West Texas — or East Texas, for that matter. West Texas is that part of the state that looks the way everyone imagines Texas to look: sand, horses and oil.