Sarah’s Life List

  1. Renew wedding vows.
  2. Find a pumpkin pie recipe worthy of being passed on.
  3. Try cross-country skiing.
  4. Try snow-shoeing.
  5. Eat scones and drink tea in England.
  6. Visit Greece.
  7. Go skating in the rink in Rockefeller Center.
  8. Have another milkshake with Greg at Courier Cafe.
  9. Take Eleanor to cut down a Christmas tree.
  10. Adopt another dog.
  11. Contribute in some way to the content of The New York Times. (Breaking the Silence)
  12. Give a five-figure sum to a charity that I’m passionate about.
  13. Write a travel piece and get it published. (Soak in the laid-back spirit of California’s Coronado)
  14. Make it through a Russian novel.
  15. Try down-hill skiing again.
  16. Take Eleanor on an anywhere-in-the-world trip as a graduation gift.
  17. Return to Alaska.
  18. Visit all 50 states (just Arizona and Hawaii left!)
  19. Help a woman get elected president.
  20. Hike on either the Pacific Coast or Appalachian Trail.
  21. See a polar bear in the wild.
  22. Take a cooking or baking class.
  23. Visit the Museum of Modern Art.
  24. Take Greg to the Galapagos.
  25. Develop a larger repertoire of meatless dishes.
  26. Watch Eleanor dip her toes in the ocean for the first time.
  27. Take a multiday bike trip.
  28. See the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland.
  29. Watch The Princess Bride with Eleanor.
  30. Go on an African safari.
  31. Return to ballet classes.
  32. Arrange more grand surprises.
  33. Go to hear a speaker I admire.
  34. Take a class on a topic that interests me.
  35. Organize a book exchange party.
  36. Teach Eleanor to help those who are less fortunate.
  37. Visit Easter Island.
  38. Stay in a bungalow over the ocean.
  39. Take a sailing vacation.
  40. Become more computer savvy.
  41. Take violin lessons.
  42. Help preserve the beauty of the Earth.
  43. Set an example of a good marriage for Eleanor.
  44. Live in a home long enough to see the trees grow tall.
  45. Stand on the Great Wall of China.
  46. Tour Iceland.
  47. Take a class or hear a lecture at Harvard.
  48. Learn to speak a foreign language well.
  49. Go rafting on the Colorado.
  50. Watch a competition at the Olympics.